Here's a small selection of images and artwork from the making of the film.

A Country Road

This was one of the early illustrations I made that established the look and feel for the exterior environment in the film.

Storyboard Excerpts

Here are a few key images from my story boards. Once I started to lock down the stylistic approach I boarded out the whole film in sketch form to the VO. 


Here is a breakdown of the animation process, from rough, to clean up, to final compositing. Not everything in the film is frame-by-frame cell animation. Only certain actions and shots required this process. I utilized 3D animation, cell, and 2D digital rigging to build all of the characters and parts of the film.   

An Early Study

It took some searching to find the final aesthetic I wanted. Here is an early exploration for the study. 


Sketchbook Explorations

Most of my films and projects start with me thinking things out in my sketchbook. The drawings are often rough and unresolved but important for my process.